Thursday, April 30, 2009

1st narrative exercise ~ 3D walking

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This part from my story is when he is coming up to the princess for the first time. He slowly walks up to her, reaching out his hand but then gets zapped by her force field.
It's a dazed, feeling sorry walk. >< Ah it's kinda hard to explain. Damn you all.

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Frank said...

Hi Tiffany

It is good to see that you are starting to build your narrative.

In class we have created 4 groups to start working on EAPs. They are: Pulling, Struggling, Punching/Kicking and Jumping.

I saw in your animatic you have many of those physical actions.

Please choose a group. The people in a group help each other plan the and develop the animation for the first EAP.

For a walk like you have planned we would look at planning to have the character walk across a defined space, rather than be a walk cycle. I have some excellent resources to show you how to develop the walk from your start walk.

But look to plan to animate a shorter, more simple action as your first EAP (working in a group).

Thanks for posting up your work.